The story of MustardSky began with a small step of faith to spread God’s message of love from our hearts to yours by helping the poor and marginalised communities in Asia with our range of handcrafted products by Makers with disabilities and other special needs.

MustardSky is a Singapore social enterprise which partners with social enterprises in Cambodia, stateless and poor communities in Northern & Western Thailand/Myanmar borders.

These enterprises and community projects create opportunities for their beneficiaries to be employed and receive sustainable income while meeting their physical, social and other needs.

MustardSky is privileged to work alongside and collaborate as both a partner who is imparting sewing skills to the communities to produce beautiful handcrafted products, and also providing sustainable employment and income for our Makers

Each product is intricately hand sewn by the Maker (beneficiaries) for you. As God’s love to each of us is unique, we hope that you can experience His love for you through our handcrafted products.


Our tagline “Empowering Makers” represents our hope for positive change in communities struggling with poverty and deprivation by helping makers achieve financial independence through their creations.


Our makers are people living in poverty or marginalized due to various circumstances such as having disabilities and statelessness.

Each of them is gifted with unique talents, skills and capabilities that enables them to create handcrafted products to make a living.

They are supported by social enterprises or community leaders that create safe havens for them to rebuild their lives under the loving guidance of their mentors.

In there, they also receive physical and spiritual nourishment, as well as opportunities to generate income for their personal and family needs.


MustardSky products are characterised by their contemporary and vibrant designs and colours to bring joy and a touch of cheer and optimism in the lives of their owners. The collections are highly versatile, fusing both aesthetics and functionalities into practical products for daily use for all occasions.

Our products make meaningful gifts, which not only bring joy to their recipients, but also to their makers. Each purchase represents a step towards financial independence for these individuals.

We have a variety of products with different designs and price points. Products are also available in bulk and can be customized for corporate orders.