When God Speaks

This is a Thanksgiving reflection journal & tribute to our Almighty God for His faithfulness and goodness in every season of the author’s life journey.

Celebrate moments with the author when her spirit is awakened and connected with the Holy Spirit in her exciting faith journey with God for the past 40 years. She humbly offers this journal as a testament of God’s kindness in her life.

May you be encouraged & know in your spirit too that we truly serve a loving and living God!


Miracle Zone In The Jungle Of Borneo

Ronny Heyboer spent the first periods of his life in Australia and Holland. Then God called him and his wife Kay to share the love and salvation of Jesus Christ to the tribal people in the jungles of Borneo. His life has become an ongoing process of following and trusting in the Lord who gave him the commission of building a village in the middle of the jungle for 1000 deprived children and schools for 2000 children.

With a lot of humour he writes about his life and ministry. But be aware! While reading this book, you will be challenged to take God’s call seriously, to be involved in taking up God’s work in the world around you. God wants you to be involved in His work and be a blessing to others who are in need