Genesis Collection

The Genesis collection is our debut collection designed with blooming flower motifs that represents the start of a new beginning for Mustardsky and the Makers.

It also signifies the new hope that you, through your purchase, bring to our Makers.

Tropik Collection

The Tropik collection pays homage to the Makers’ hometown in Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar.

The mixture of tropical and tribal prints are elements of their everyday encounters that they want to share and bring to your lives.

Made from canvas, our Tropik Collection’s hardy and spacious design is ideal for a busy fashionista, who desires functional and attractive pouches and bags to enhance her lifestyle.

Potpourri Collection

The potpourri collection of wallets is the unity of cultures that binds us, our Makers and you.

Different and unique in our own ways, these wallets accentuates your style and flair.

Washable and long lasting, these wallets will serve you well for everyday use and at smart casual occasions

Aurora Collection – Northern Lights Pouches and Shopping Tote Bag

The different hues present in this collection symbolize the small miracles and goodness that each day brings to our Makers.

The colours for this collection is produced by hand using the tie dye method, resulting in a unique rich blend of blue and green, akin to the array of dazzling colours of the Northern Lights in faraway lands like Iceland & The Arctic

These stylish cotton canvas pouches and bags will serve you well for both casual and formal occasions.

Wings Collection

Inspired by the intricate patterns of birds’ wings, the bold prints, this collection represents MustardSky’s desire for our Makers to soar with hope and freedom from the bondages of poverty.

These multi-purpose small and gadget pouches, made with hardy canvas materials, are practical for carrying accessories, cosmetics, power plugs, cables etc.

They also make good and cheerful gifts for special and festive occasions.

Animal Prints Happy Bags Collection

Animals bring joy and cheer to their owners with their loyalty, faithfulness and unconditional love.

Let our collection of animal prints Doggie, Kitty, Fish and Horse happy bags brighten up your shopping or lunch trips.

Exclusive Limited Editions

Harnessing the creativity of our Makers, we offer a limited exclusive edition of unique products periodically, to showcase their talents.

These diligently curated products will spice up your retail therapy trips.

So do click on this collection and enjoy revelling at the beautifully crafted designs and products